Natural Weight Loss Program


WHAT IF there was a way to show you a system of eating that produced a noticeable body change in as little as 10 days?!

THIS system can do that! 

A SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, Doctor Formulated & Doctor Supervised Weight Loss System.

Our very own doctors have successfully shed unhealthy pounds through this system and KEPT IT OFF.

Ten days. In only 10 days, you could feel more energetic and already be losing weight.  Forget anything else you've ever tried that hasn't worked.

We give you the support you need. You can't do this on your own. Let's be real here. If you could, you would have by now. Our program is guaranteed to work if you are motivated enough to follow the directions. 

If you want to be noticeably thinner in the mirror in the next few days, you need to start by first eating high fat, high calorie foods.

Yes, You read correctly!!


Only a select group of physicians offer this program—The One That Works! With our help, you can achieve your desired weight in less time than you thought possible.  

Our customized weight loss program includes weekly individual consultations with the doctors at Myrtle Grove Chiropractics and Acupuncture Center.  We focus on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and support as we encourage, motivate and teach you how to overcome temptation and win the weight loss battle. 

A personalized diet plan is created by Dr. Baum and Dr. Annis based on your body mass index, waist circumference, medical history, blood work, electrocardiogram, and dietary needs.

This proven program is formulated as an all natural, liquid herbal blend that provides healthy, sustainable weight loss.  70% of healthy weight loss is achieved in the first 21 days and with this and our in office support, you CAN do it!

Call the office at 910-395-5664 to make your appointment to get started on a thinner, healthier YOU!

* Not to be used by pregnant women, women who are nursing, people with active cancer, or people with an inflamed gallbladder that hasn't been removed.  Officially the Global Weight Loss Program

Dr. Baum Lost 30 lbs in only Eight Weeks!


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