Healing Through Electronics

The Myrtle Grove Chiropractic Center proudly offers Microcurrent Acupuncture Therapy. We use the Mens-o-matic Microcurrent Acupuncture Stimulator. We feel the Mens-o-matic is the finest electronic acupuncture instrument available in the world today. The Mens-o-matic is the invention of Dr. Thomas Wing. Dr. Wing is well-known in the acupuncture and electronics worlds. Dr. Wing is a fifth generation doctor of Chinese medicine and a doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Wing has also invented several innovative electronic products including the first electronic pager. 

Dr. Wing developed the mens-o-matic in the early 1970s. Since that time Dr. Wing has continuously worked on improving the instrument. The release of the Mens-o-matic IV is a milestone for the acupuncture world. 

The mens-o-matic provides many advantages and benefits to acupuncture practitioners and their patients. It allows for increased therapeutic accuracy. Acupuncture points are considered to be roughly the size of a dime, but one area, approximately 1/ 8 of an inch in diameter, produces the best results. The point location feature of the Mens-o-matic allows the practitioner to hit the bulls-eye every time, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment. The Mens-o-matic provides the most usable type of energy to the body. After years of study, Dr. Wing discovered the most precise intensity and exact waveform possible to promote healing. Dr. Wing called this wave the tsunami wave. The tsunami wave allows the electricity to penetrate the skin's surface and reach the targeted tissues with the most biologically usable energy possible. The Mens-o-matic allows for precise dosages of electricity. By monitoring auditory and visual signals, the practitioner is able to deliver the exact amount of current a given channel requires to heal.The Mens-o-matic does not require needles. Because of the refined waveform and precision instrumentation of the Mens-o-matic, therapeutic stimulation can enter the body's tissues without the use a needle. This allows for results equal to or superior to treatments using needles. 

The Mens-o-matic is comfortable for the patient. In most cases, the microcurrent intensity used by the Mens-o-matic is below the threshold of sensation, and patient experiences nothing at the point of stimulation. On occasions, patients may feel a mild tingle at the point of stimulation. Due to the intricacies of the acupuncture system some patients may experience sensation which is remote from the sites of stimulation. 

Enhanced diagnostic capabilities, enhanced therapeutic capabilities, and added patients comfort are just a few of the great benefits of the Mens-o-matic. The greatest benefit is the results our patients are experiencing. The results from the brief, precisely directed and measured treatments have been remarkable. Many of our patients are now enjoying better results with greater treatment comfort by having their treatments administered with the Mens-o-matic. 

The microcurrent revolution is here! Isn't it time you got caught up in the wave? Make sure you, your family, and friends are all receiving the microcurrent treatments they deserve!


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