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Gentle AND Effective Exercise?!? What on Earth could THIS be???

Name an exercise that is gentle to the mind, body and spirit, will increase your strength and vitality BUT is also easy to learn!

This particular exercise combines gentle physical exercise and stretching with mindfulness. Research has shown that this unique exercise can improve balance control fitness and flexibility, and may even reduce the risk of falls in older people.

Exercises can cause overuse injuries and abnormal wear and tear. It is important to our brain health to exercise regularly. Many of us injure ourselves while trying to improve our health. It is important to build muscle strength to support and protect our joints. Fitness is needed for the health of our heart, lungs, digestive system, and nervous system. Yes, your brain loves exercise as much as it loves chiropractic and acupuncture.

I want to introduce you to an exercise that will not only strengthen your brain, nervous system, digestive system, heart and lungs, it will ease your mental stress and allow you to experience tranquility. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to perform a gentle yet invigorating exercise that will also reduce your stress? Who wouldn’t want that?

So what is this mysterious exercise I am talking about?



Tai chi is a very ancient form of self defense and exercise.  It originated in China and is still practiced today. It is though t to be between 700 – 1500 years old.  It started out as a martial arts exercise and the translation TAI CHI CHUAN can be translated to Supreme Ultimate Skill (exercise). It combines posture, breathing and consciousness both while moving and standing still.  It is practiced by millions today.  The goal is to harmonize yin and yang and enrich your overall vitality. 

This is a simple and effective form of activity that anyone can do almost anywhere! 

As part of our event schedule and community outreach, we offer Tai Chi introductory classes and demonstrations throughout the year in Wilmington NC, so please check our social media pages for event listings!

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