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  • What if you found out you could combat memory loss and forgetfulness? Would you do it?
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What if you found out you could combat memory loss and forgetfulness? Would you do it?


Communities are starving for mental health and stability.  The proof is in the fact that we are almost accustomed to hearing about mass shootings at schools. Students have anxiety about lock-downs and when the aggression will take place at what used to be an institution of learning that was safe. 

Many students suffer from feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness with self-destructive thoughts. Some experience anger and aggression while under stress. So many are not feeling rested even after long hours of sleep or not sleeping at all.

The medical approach to treating this issue is to prescribe anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. The actual cause of these symptoms is lack of dopamine. Chemical medications will only mask the issues, not solve the problem. 

Dopamine is a nerve transmitter that is found in your brain, adrenal glands and kidneys. Dopamine has numerous functions including motor coordination, motivation, reward, cognition, mood attention and learning. It is associated with the pleasure system and promotes feeling of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate performance.  It is an arouser of physical and psychological activity.

Imagine all of us taking the proper supplements and getting adjusted regularly to neutralize our stress and balance our brains. Imagine your children being free of anxiety, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, eating healthy, exercising and experiencing joy and happiness.

Some solutions to our body's ailments are simple. We are out of balance. We don't need chemicals or to be cut to solve the issue, we simply need to admit there is a nutritional deficiency and get dedicated to the supplement program. High quality, doctor grade supplements work and patients report feeling different from taking them. It's up to you to feel better, take the first step! 


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