Acupuncture Home Self Care

Acupuncture Home Self care for Improved Energetic Balance in stressful times

Treat ST 36 on the left and right ,CV 6 and CV 12 Twice a day, once in the afternoon and once at night.  Alternate treating CV 6 and CV 12. 

      How to find the points

      ST 36:Place the palm of your hand on your knee cap, move your middle finger toward the outside, your finger should find a slight depression,              this is the ST 36 point.

      CV 12 is four thumb widths above the middle of the belly button

      CV 6 is 1.5 thumb widths below the middle of the belly button.

                                   self carself care

            How to treat the points: There are many ways to treat acupuncture points. An easy and effective way is to use fingertip pressure. Once the          point is located, gently rub the point with a random pattern.  You should feel a sensation that “Chi has arrived”. The sensation of Chi is difficult          to describe as it is not always the same. You should feel a lightness or heaviness or tingling sensation at the point and in the areas surrounding          the point.  Treat each point for 30-60 seconds.

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